Cover Design for The Hambook magazine (2018, Photoshop & Illustrator)
"Attention Economy" - Illustration for SAIC class (2019, Illustrator)
"Perk Up" - Illustration for SAIC class (2019, Illustrator)
Poster for John Wernecke's Solo Show "Shirts, Pants, & Other True Stories" (2019, Illustrator)
Early draft of a mascot for Chicagoland Associated General Contractors safety campaign (2019, Illustrator)
Poster for "Dr. Scary's Terrscalator" - (2017, Photoshop & Illustrator)
Illustration for Great Lakes Activity Center (2017, Photoshop & Illustrator)
"Good Boy" - Personal work (2016, Photoshop)
"A Day At The Beach" - Personal work (2016, Photoshop)
Poster for "The Very Good Tibula Show" (2017, Photoshop)
"Dactyl" - Personal work (2016, Photoshop)